10 things I want for you…

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I want, I want, I want, really, totally, like really, seriously,…ugh.

I want for you all good things, no not Martha Stewart good things.  Things that make you HaPpY!  Put a SmIlE! on your face.  Think about it.  What do you want, what makes you really really happy and a random smile comes over your face and you go, “I smiling and I like it”, and you look all goofy!

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Here are a 10 things I want for you.

#1  Your child looking at you and saying something totally random and sweet, I Luv This!   Can be a grandchild, I have those too and their adorable.  My 3 year old granddaughters laugh and snort will crack you up.

#2  Good things to eat for your enjoyment.  Oh wow we can’t live without this pleasure.  Maybe I shouldn’t say “we” maybe I should say “I”.  Remember I’m a Foodie, loving to cook and eat 24/7, but always wearing my High Heels.

#3  You hair color to always stay the color it was when you were born.  Haha, do you think that one will happen, it could, it could!

#4  A fav pair of jeans.  It can be the pair that you sneak and put on when no ones around because there are holes in places there shouldn’t be holes,  and they can’t be worn in public.  They feel so good you can’t bear to throw them out because you know you would cry.  Don’t tell anyone, but I have a pair!

#5 Everything Apple makes, and I mean EVERYTHING!  (All caps means I’m yelling)

#6  A bottle of the best red wine Gary Vaynerchuk can dig out of his personal stash!  Invite me over for that one!  I’ll bring the cheese tray.   I’m a Wine lover also.

#7  A 52″ Flat Screen TV for your amazingly, wonderfully, relaxingly, (I made that word up), beautifully decorated haven of a master bedroom, with 2 cozy chairs that you and your handsome husband (partner) can sit in and drink you fav beverage, talk and solve the problems of the world.  My Fav place in the world!

#8  A lock on your bathroom door so your teenager doesn’t come in and take all your Q Tips and coets and use your flat Iron and take your lotion and get your make up and take your only comb, use all your conditioner and take you finger nail clippers….and you know what I mean right?  “She will remain nameless to protect the innocent”

#9  The cast of Blue Blood (Tom Seleck’s show) decides to run their season continuously forever and not take the summer off so you never have to watch reruns!  That would be the best ever.  He’s co cute!!

Bliss Designs, window coverings







#10  Sheer Bliss!  I have that, I want it for you!


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