Please paint me, I match the ugly light fixtures…

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I want to paint my front door, badly.  I get inspiration from so many places.  While I’m driving around, almost having an accident because I’m looking at everyone’s front door.  I think I’ve decided on a color…….. Comment and let me know what you think!

This is my front door color, not sure if it has a name, maybe dirty maroon, not quite right red, I’m boring brown, or please paint me I match the ugly light fixtures!

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I’ve also decided the light fixtures either have to go or they are getting a fresh new look!  I mentioned it here,  my future DIY projects coming!

Here are some of the doors I love…               Source here

Bliss Designs, Cindy Miller

This is Miles Reeds New York townhome front door, beautiful color.

Bliss Designs, Cindy Miller

 Kathryn Ireland uses St Lucia Teal on a spanish colonial in California.  Luv this!

Bliss Designs, Cindy Miller

 Orange? not sure about that but it shows energy, warmth & cheerfulness.  Well I’m always warm, can’t turn the a/c down enough, so Orange is a no for me.

Bliss Designs, Cindy Miller

This Yellow Tone door is sunny, cheery & inviting.  But, not my favorite choice for my door.  Keep looking..

Bliss Designs, Cindy Miller

Tulip Red is a great Feng Shui color that symbolizes the mouth of the home and attracts positive energy to the home.  Maybe that means Publisher Clearing House will be attracted to my home if I go with Tulip Red.  LOL!

 Bliss Designs

 Maybe I just need a new front door, maybe this.. Looks like Fred Flintstones been here…

Bliss Designs, Cindy Miller

I’m really thinking I would like a shade of blue for my front door. Blue is associated with prosperity, soothing water & abundance.  Since I’m always letting the water run over at the refrigerator water dispenser, this seems the appropriate color. (Only my family will get that!)

Bliss Designs, Cindy Miller

I’ll be posting tomorrow the color I am painting my front door.  I also give the light fixtures that fresh new look, I’ll show you how…

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.

See ya tomorrow!

Living Blissfully Ever After,


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3 Responses to “Please paint me, I match the ugly light fixtures…”
  1. Anne says:

    I lean toward St. Lucia Teal……….fabulous color. I’ve been thinking of painting our front door, it’s stained wood now which wasn’t my first choice. Can’t wait to see what you selected and the makeover you did on your light fixtures.

    • Cindy says:

      Thanks for the comments Anne! I love the St Lucia Teal, good choice! I’m blogging now about the finished front door!! Come back to see!


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