Boiled Linseed Oil, and a OhLaLa….

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Now that I’m officially a Blogger Blogging I think I would also like to become a DIY’er doing especially magnificent “Do It Yourself” DIYing.  Having an official title can be so stressful for a girl.  I’ve always been know as “Crafty” and “Creative” so as I read the oodles of blogs I subscribe to, because I’m addicted to blogs, I feel my inner creative side wanting to do something to fix something.  So I decided I would start with my front porch.

My front porch has always been my favorite place at my home to sit and enjoy the outdoors, it’s covered which means it’s an area we can sit when it’s raining and when it’s cold, as we have a heater we stoke up to keep us toasty warm. Here’s a before photo, sadly everything is covered with yellow pollen and dust.

Bliss Designs, decorating

My husband “Yoga Man” as he’s called, was so sweet to help me with the cleaning process.  He pressured washed everything and made all the pollen go away! Now everything is so nice and clean and ready to be Spruced up, DIY’ed.

Bliss Designs, decorating

Bliss Designs, Cindy Miller

Bliss Designs, windows designs

Now everything is nice and clean.  It’s DIY time!  My wicker sofa and chairs have gotten a bit sun baked and the squirrels & birds have taken a liking to them.   I decided I would try to restore them to the original luster!  How do you do that you say?  I can hear you!  Your wondering “is she going to paint that beautiful wicker furniture and make it look like second hand stuff”?   No, the magic is in the can..and the OhLaLa comes later.

Bliss Designs, DIY, wicker restoration

Bliss Designs, CIndy Miller, DIY, wicker restoration

Bliss Designs, Cindy Miller, restoring wicker

I took a little extra time to use my vacuum system to get all the dirt and pollen out of all the nooks and crannies.

Bliss Designs, DIY, wicker Restoration

Bliss Designs, Cindy Miller

Bliss Designs, decorating

I dug into my “crafty” supply of paints and touched up only the areas that my little friends had nibbled on.  Amazing how that paint can fix any & everything.  Well not everything not “fine lines and wrinkles” like magic facial cream.

The magic is in the can..and the OhLaLa comes later.

Bliss Designs, Cindy Miller, Pinehurst, NC

Bliss Designs, Cindy Miller

I just brushed on the Boiled Linseed Oil and the furniture came to life!  Wow I could’t believe the difference.  The wicker had gotten so dried out, it needed a little moisturizer!

Bliss Designs, decorating

Can you see the difference, left side no oil, right side oil, “wua-lah!”

Bliss Designs, wicker restoration

I let the oil soak in for about 5-10 minutes and wiped off the excess with a old towel.

Bliss Designs,

Good as new!  Now on to the sofa!

Bliss Designs, DIY

`Bliss Designs, Cindy Miller

Here I am hard at work and my husband thinks he’s a photographer all the sudden.

Bliss Designs, Bliss Window Designs Blog

I have on several occasions almost decided to throw this shabby guy off my amazing porch, but I decided to give him another chance and see how he comes out.  Ready?

Bliss Designs, decorating, outside

I think I’ll keep him!

Here’s the big reveal!!

Cindy Miller, decorating

We pulled the rug back out, we store it under our house so the pollen won’t ruin it, isn’t it amazing!   it’s a Liora Manne, her products are worth the trip to look at here.

Cindy Miller, outside decorating, wicker restoration

Cindy Miller, outside decorating, wicker restoration

Cindy Miller, outside decorating, wicker restoration

Cindy Miller, decorating

I think it all turned out so wonderful.  Just a little elbow grease, Boiled Linseed Oil…and a little OhLaLa…

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Living Happliy Ever After,


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