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Being a short girl, 5’2″ eyes of blue, in the kitchen has it’s challenges.  Reaching wine glasses from the kitchen cabinets can make one very stressed and thirsty, so usually it requires an extra drink or two.  I have found a solution, only by default, to my shorty situation…I always wear my “High Heels” when I am cooking or reaching for a wine glass..  Heck I wear High Heels all the time, I’m confessing here and now I’m a shoe freak.  Remember I’m “5”2″ eyes of blue”, I need all the vertical help I can get.

Us shorties have to stick together, this precious child has no idea what’s ahead of her.

Bliss Designs/cooking/window treatments/decorating










On top of being a shoe freak, I’m a very big “Foody” as they call us on Food Network, where all the women chefs are oh so perfect looking in the kitchen.  My husband, Yoga Man, loves to watch Giada De Laurentis, the “Sexy Italian Cook” he calls her.  I just love food, so cooking is a necessity and I enjoy the process.

I just recently found out that “Cooking in High Heels” is a real cook book!  I just thought everyone cooked in their shoes.  Why would you want to stand in your kitchen barefoot and step in all the little crumbs of food your handsome husband and precious sweet children spread all over the floor?

Cooking in my High Heels make me feel taller, smarter, sexier, and my food always taste better!  I always wondered why women in the movies and TV programs of long ago wore high heels. June Cleaver, the domestic goddess, back in the day when life was so sweet and simple, always had perfect hair, perfect pearls, dress starched, “High Heels” pumping and wooden spoon stirring.

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Here a few High Heels that you might find me wearing while I’m chopping & stirring.

No these are not my legs!!  For heaven sakes!

Bliss Designs/cooking/decorating










Bliss Designs/cooking/decorating






Bliss Designs











Bliss Designs/cooking/Blinds











You will not find me wearing these.  Ouch!

Bliss Designs/high heels







Thank you for reading my Blog, now go out and buy some new High Heels and a wooden spoon!


Forever in High Heels!

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