DIY Chalk Board with Chalk Paint

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Chalk Paint is probably the best thing ever, since homemade bread.  (Did you ever hear that statement, (“best thing ever, since homemade bread”) when you were a kid?   Well, Chalk Paint is a new “must have”  addition to all crafters arsenal of DIY supplies.   What did we do before computers, iPhones & Chalk Paint, YIKES!!!

My daughter Cassie & I are opening a retail location of Living on the Bliss in beautiful Southern Pines, NC.  We will be sharing on our blog some of the projects we are working on that will be for sale in our store.   We found this old vintage mirror frame and decided to turn it into an amazing Chalk Board.  Here we share with you how we did it and how you can also make one for your home.  My children love to write on chalk boards, what’s up with that???

I got so excited about starting to paint this frame I forgot to take a picture before I had started painting.  Notice the  left side you can see where I started to paint with Chalk Paint.
DIY Chalk Board with Chalk Paint


Painting with Chalk Paint is so easy.  There’s not prep work, no sanding and no priming…  I painted this in my kitchen.

DIY Chalk Board with Chalk PaintIt’s really easy to apply the paint, I decided on 2 coats.

DIY Chalk Board with Chalk Paint

There’s great detail in the vintage mirror frame, I love it.

DIY Chalk Board with Chalk Paint

Starting to really look smooth, and has an even surface.

DIY Chalk Board with Chalk PaintLove this color.   The Chalk Paint dries in about 30 minutes.  You’re ready to start the waxing in no time!

DIY Chalk Board with Chalk PaintI pulled out an old sock, or you can use a stiff brush or an old t-shirt and rub the clear wax all over the project.

DIY Chalk Board with Chalk PaintThe wax needs to dry completely, over night is best but can be sooner.  I will be adding dark wax to make the details show up and stand out.  I used clear & dark wax together.  We will have classes and will teach this technique.

DIY Chalk Board with Chalk Paint


Again I got excited and forgot to take pictures of me using the dark wax.  I just added it to an area and wiped off the excess with an old t-shirt.  My granddaugter is wanting to paint so we let her paint an old cabinet door front we are turning into a wardrobe hanger.    Meet Harlow Grace…

DIY Chalk Paint with Chalk Paint

Notice behind us the Vintage Chalk Board Frame has been distressed and rubbed in dark wax for more detail.  Harlow Grace is having a great time painting!  (just keeping it real with the mess in my kitchen!)  When a girl is painting she can’t be bothered with details like dishes.  Right Harlow??DIY Chalk Paint with Chalk Paint

Here Harlow is using Maison Blanche Paint.  Which we will be carrying in our store very shortly…. DIY Chalk Paint with Chalk Paint

Now for the Chalk Board part of this project.  My hubby cut a piece of wood we purchased at Lowe’s Home Improvement to fit the back of the Vintage Mirror Frame.   First I primed it because it was raw wood.

DIY Chalk Board with Chalk Paint

Next step is a light sanding on the primer and then I applied Chalkboard paint I bought at Lowe’s.

DIY Chalk Board with Chalk Paint

I lightly sanded between each coat of ChalkBoard paint.  I applied a total of 3 coats for a very smooth surface.

DIY Chalk Board with Chalk Paint

Viola!   An amazing, fun, Vintage Chalk Board you can put anywhere in your home for notes to be shared with your family.

DIY Chalk Board with Chalk Paint

You can see this and more Vintage Goodies in our upcoming store.

DIY Chalk Board with Chalk Paint


Cindy & Cassie

Living on the Bliss

Sheer Happiness for yourself and your home…


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2 Responses to “DIY Chalk Board with Chalk Paint”
  1. Deborah says:

    I think the choice of FRAME is what makes this a fab item! I’m going to check my storage and find one to use….or go dumpster diving. I know I will be by your store and work on this project.

    Thanks for all the tips!

  2. Anne says:

    This is so COOL! Love the vintage look with this paint line and what a great message board this would make in my kitchen. I am anxiously awaiting your store opening but love seeing your works of art. Harlow is a chip off the old block ie I think she takes after her talented Grandmother.

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