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Today I’m going to show you another part of the Patio in my back yard.  I really wanted new furniture for the our patio we built.  You can see that post here!  My new furniture was being planned, (mostly in my head,) and of course 1 of the 3 air conditioning units in our home decided to go kaput and end of story….

Plan 2 had to be put in place and my husband was happy to agree with me and help me bring new life into our very old and sad looking outdoor furniture.  I’m sharing this to inspire anyone to take what you have and be shocked what you can turn it into.  Here goes…

This is a view of the back side of our patio and how bad the furniture looked.

Living on the BlissI’ll show you how we changed it into this!!

Living on the BlissHere’s a close up of the furniture we will be working on.  It’s a table and 4 chairs, sad I know!  But it gets better, believe, believe !

Living on the Bliss

Living on the BlissWe started by taking the table and chairs apart and spreading them out on our pine straw on the backside of our backyard.  This made it easy clean up, we just spread out new pine straw on top and covered where we sprayed everything.

Living on the Bliss

Living on the BlissThe chairs broke down into many pieces.  We removed slings which were really falling apart.  We ordered new slings online and received them in a week.  Here’s the link to order new slings, here.

Living on the BlissWe cleaned the chairs and table with Acetone to remove sap, old paint flakes, dirt, and grim.

Living on the BlissYou should wear gloves during this process.  Acetone is harsh on your skin.

Living on the Bliss

Living on the Bliss

Living on the BlissThis is the spray paint we used purchased from Lowe’s Home Improvement.

Living on the BlissStarting to look better right?

Living on the Bliss

Living on the BlissNew slings next!!!  This process was a 2 person job.  Patience is key here.

Living on the Bliss

Living on the Bliss

All done…  I added a new snazzy Pagoda Umbrella from Pier 1.  Here’s the link for that, here.  Next, I’ll share with you the rest of the patio re-do.  Bringing lots of plants and bright colors!

Living on the Bliss

Get busy planning your next DIY project and you’ll be amazed with yourself and save lots of $$$$.  Hope you don’t have to buy a new A/C unit!!

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