Fish Foam + Purdy Brushes = Swag!

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The Southern Bloggers Conference is being held at the Embassy Suites in Raleigh, NC, October 12-13, 2012.  If you already have your ticket, yeah!  If not you better buzz on over to the site and get yourself a ticket and a room!  There will be lots to learn and lots of SWAG! to take home with you.  Did I mention all the Amazing Bloggers you will meet.  I attended Haven Conference in Atlanta this year and I can tell you going to a Bloggers Conference can change your life.  Did I mention all the FUN! you’ll have.

We have great sponsors that are slipping goodies “SWAG!” into a big awesome bag for you to take home and fall in love with.  Here are two of the Sponsors for you to get a preview of!!   Please go to their site and use their products and help us thank them for their generosity and support of our Southern Bloggers Conference.

Fish Foam is an amazing cleaning product.  I came home from Haven Conference with a can in my Swag Bag.  My husband was with me at Haven and new I had been given lots of goodies and remembered the unique product Fish Foam.  He asked to use the Fish Foam to clean the windows in our car, of course you can honey…  He came back inside and said “That stuffs awesome, I can’t believe how good it cleans the windows.”  That’s when I knew it must be really good.

I contacted Fish Foam from their Facebook Page and Nathan wrote me an email.  My 2 daughters High School Chorus Programs were holding a Car Wash.  A match made in heaven,   Car Wash + Fish Foam = Happy Clean Windows.   Nathan mailed me several can of Fish Foam for the car wash and…..made a generous donation without being asked to our High School Chorus Program.    Thank you Nathan, & Fish Foam.

So please go to their site and order you some of this great window cleaning product here!

Here a Fish Foam Video.


Fish Foam & Purdy

They also have a window cleaning service that comes to your home and cleans your windows.   Fish Foam Cleaning 

Enjoy these pictures of my 2 daughters and their Chorus Group having a great time at their car wash to raise money to go sing at a competition.

They had a great time with the Fish Foam…

Fish Foam & Purdy Paint Brushes

Working hard to rally cars in to get washed.

Fish Foam & Purdy Paint Brushes

Still working….

Fish Foam & Purdy Paint Brushes

Rent A Center, local business, just dropped by to make a donation, Thank you!!

Fish Foam & Purdy Paint Brushes

Here’s part of the group….

Fish Foam & Purdy Paint Brushes


Fish Foam & Purdy Paint Brushes

 NOW, On to another sponsor, PURDY Paint Brushes!!

Fish Foam & Purdy

I don’t know if you do much painting, but I do.  In our store, Living on the Bliss, we paint vintage furniture with Chalk Paint which requires a very good paint brush. So..our brush of choice is PURDY!!

Here’s a couple of photos of our favorite Purdy brushes.  Can you tell the one on the right has painted a few things.

Fish Foam & Purdy

They always look so nice when they’re new…

Fish Foam & Purdy

Purdy is a generous sponsor of the Southern Bloggers Conference,  and will be donating paint brushes for our “Swag” Bags.    Thank you Purdy!

Please join us at the Southern Bloggers Conference, “Like” us on Facebook and “Follow” us on Twitter.

Cindy & Cassie

Living on the Bliss

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