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Life has always been a big mystery.  Not like a mystery novel, mysterious in that life never lets us know what’s ahead of us. Don’t we wish we had a crystal ball, a psychic, or a genie in a bottle giving us 3 wishes.  Raise your hand if you’ve said, “If I had 3 three wishes, my first wish would be…..”.


I have always been waiting and anticipating on something exciting.  Looking for a sign, a pinch, a vision in a dream, a knock at the door, (never would Publishing Clearing House ring my bell.)  Recently an exciting opportunity has fallen into our lives that we have been waiting for.  It’s a sign that life can’t get any better than this.  It’s a sign that we have worked hard for so long and now is our time. My husband “Yoga Man” as I call him, travels and has missed a large part of our children’s school programs, field trips, amazing report cards, dental appointments, sore throats, new shoes, graduation dress purchases, etc.   He has made a hugh sacrifice for us, giving up his evenings, working long hours, eating fast foods, going to Wal Mart to buy his own toothpaste!, poor guy, driving endless miles (in a Prius, yikes, I give him a hard time about that car). I love him, he’s my BFF.

We are about to start a brand new chapter in our lives and we are so excited.  If you can dream big, big things happen.  I’m dreaming big, so big that I can’t sleep at night.   I wake up, can’t go back to sleep because I’m anticipating wonderful things ahead.

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So…  with my 3 wishes I would share them with you since I won’t be needing them, as my wish has come true!


Living happily ever after,





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