Have mercy on this guy…

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What takes a lot of abuse and looks bad all over?  This…

Bliss Designs

This poor guy used to have 8 tufted buttons on the top where the seams meet.  My children, when they were small and rowdy (WERE?), loved to jump, crawl, sit, bounce, rest their stinky toes and eat on this leather ottoman.  We had it in our family room and one day I looked at it, no I mean REALLY looked at and I was like, man that things gotta have a face lift.  So I decided to reupholster/recover it best I could.  I took a trip to the “faux” leather store!  It was really easy to do.

Bliss Designs

First step was to lay the fabric upside down on the ottoman and pin it to fit.  By the Way, I paid $10 for the “faux” leather.

Bliss Designs, DIY

Using my long quilting (Don’t go there!  No, I Do Not Quilt, I just like these type of pins), I pinned the fabric to tightly fit the ottoman.  By doing it I will know exactly where to run my seams when I sew the fabric.

See how tightly it is pinned!

Bliss Designs

Then I went to my 23 year old Bernina Sewing machine that I would never, ever give up in my life!, and sewed the 4 corner seams.  It’s a good idea to use a “jeans or leather” needle and to go back over the seam several times.

Bliss Designs

I added several layers of batting to even out the top and make it nice and rounded.  Remember all the years of abuse!

Bliss Designs

Now I must trim the seams to reduce some bulk and turn it right side out.  Place it over the ottoman.

Bliss Designs

I now get my industrial stapler and work around the whole ottoman and staple to the frame on the underside.

Bliss Designs

Wahla… better right?

Bliss Designs

I decided to move this to my master bedroom when we bought new furniture for the family room.  So here’s a picture of his new spot in my home.

Bliss Designs, window coverings

Another picture, with the new lamps, a coverlet added and I’m always moving those pillows around to keep things fresh!

Bliss Designs

Later I’ll talk about my need for new draperies in this room!

Thanks for dropping by my blog, I love sharing with you!

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2 Responses to “Have mercy on this guy…”
  1. Krystal Agic says:

    Great job Cindy! It looks great! Love the lamps too!

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