Haven Conference, say goodbye!

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I’ve been in Atalnta, Ga for the last 3 days attending the Haven Conference, a bloggers conference.  I’ve met so many amazing women and leave so inspired.  I’m going to share a few of the photos I have from the conference with bloggers I would not have thought I would ever meet.

John & Sherry from Young House Love

Haven Conference, say goodbye

Chris, from Just A Girl  &  Kate, from Centsational Girl, teaching a class Beginning Pain & Stain

Haven Conference, say goodbye

Chris, ME!, Kate

Haven Conference, say goodbye

Heather, from At the Picket Fence,  ME!,  Vanessa, from At the Picket Fence, sisters blogging together from different cities.

Haven Conference, say goodbye

We attended great sessions like this on “I Like Big Blogs”

Kate, from Centsational Girl  &  ME!

Haven Conference, say goodbye

Amanda, from Serenity Now,  ME!,  Marian, from Miss Mustard Seed,  &  Kate, from Centsational Girl

Haven Conference, say goodbye

Beth, from Home Stories A to Z,  ME!,  &  Chris, from Just A Girl

Haven Conference, say goodbye

Chris, Just A Gir l &  ME!  (She’s Genius)  So sad to say goodbye to Haven Conference, see you next year!

Haven Conference, say goodbye

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2 Responses to “Haven Conference, say goodbye!”
  1. Chris says:

    I lu-huve this post!! That picture of me holding you CRACKS me up!! You were such a sweet supporter at Haven, and I can’t thank you enough for the vote of confidence. Meeting you was a definite highlight for me, and I’m counting the minutes until we can visit again!! Thank you so much, Cindy!

    • Cindy Miller says:

      Chris, thank you for the comment. I want to keep in touch. I’m going to be brave now and comment on blogs that I read, I learned that (and so much more) at Haven. If a volunteer group is organized to help with next years Haven, sign me up!

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