High Point with the girls..and a little silliness

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High Point Market, as I said before, is a very exciting week.  I’m going to share a few pictures of another day I spent with some friends who own businesses in my area.

Bliss Designs, home Decor

My good friends, Nikki Lienhard, with NL Graphic Design, and Deborah Davis with Social Butterfly.  We had a great time finding new products and just plain goofing around.

This is the showroom for Wildcat Territory.  I am now carrying their products which are beautiful.  Includes, bedding, draperies, pillows, sheets, rugs, etc.  Contact me for additional information.

Bliss Designs, Custom Window Treatments

This is Halo, a showroom that has some of the most interesting furnishings.

Bliss Designs, window treatmentsHalo again…boxing anyone?

Bliss Designs, Cindy Miller

Bliss DesignsHere’s Deborah and I just being plain silly in the Elaine Smith display.  BTW I’m going to sell her amazing pillows!  You need a few, their indoors or outdoors and they are beautiful.

Bliss Designs, pillows

We saw beautiful displays like this one!

Bliss Designs

Amazing lighting sources…

Bliss Designs

So if you get the opportunity to go to market you should!

Bliss Designs, Cindy Miller

This cowgirl had a YeeHaw time in High Point!

Well so long for now, join me again, thanks for stopping by and reading by blog.  You can subscribe and receive my blog post by email.

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2 Responses to “High Point with the girls..and a little silliness”
  1. Deborah says:

    I always enjoy reading your blogs….keep up the fun, humor and information!!

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