Howdy Y’all…Honky Tonks, Food & Rodeo’s……..

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Bliss Designs, Cindy MillerAs I have said in my previous posts, I’m beginning my blogging life and you can join in with me.  2012, Happiness is my new way to handle everything.

Let’s talk about where I came from.  Ok if you had met me when I first moved to NC from Texas in 1995, you could have heard my very strong Texas accent and seen my very big Texas hair.  Yes I’m a Texan and I get caught saying “fixin'”, and “niiiigght”, “lliiiigght” & “y’all”, but..I don’t ever say “yonder”. EVER!   This is a very old, well..not that old, picture of my Mom and 3 brothers, I’m the cute one.  🙂


I love Texas things and I would like to share a few with you.

These are one of my favorite Texas things!  These are true Texas Cowboy boots I purchased in Hillsboro, Texas about 19 years ago, wow that sounds like a long time ago.  They are like wearing a pair of house slippers.  I’ve had them re-heeled once, actually just this past month.

They go with everything & I LOVE THEM!

Let’s talk Texas FOOD!  I’m a big foodie, I love to cook (in my high heels, check it out here), but mostly I love to eat.  Not girly food, cowboy food.  I love The Pioneer Woman because she lives life to the fullest and loves her Marlboro man, her children, her home and mostly her food!  Most Texans eat BBQ, Whataburgers, Chili, Mexican Food, and good ole’ Steak & Potatoes. Everytime we go to Texas the first stop is Whataburger!  These are the best hamburgers on the planet!

Bliss Designs, Cindy Miller

Bliss Designs, Cindy Miller, Bliss Designs Blog

Enjoy these pics of REAL TEXAS FOOD!

BBQ, Yummy Ribs!  Are you hungry yet?

Bliss Designs, Cindy Miller, cooking

Everything is Bigger in Texas , YeeHaw!  I say that too…

Bliss Designs, Cindy Miller












Bliss Designs, window coverings

















Cindy Miller, Bliss Designs, decorating











Bliss Designs,







There are many things Texas to do in Texas.

Remember the Alamo? This is the school field trip of choice!

Bliss Designs, cooking












Ever been to a real Rodeo?  Lots of food, beer, chaps & cowboys!

Bliss Designs, Cindy Miller, Texas, Blog
















Walked the Fort Worth Stock Yards?  Just lots of beer!!

Bliss Designs, Cindy Miller















If you go to Texas make sure you go to Billy Bob’s Texas, the World’s Largest Honky Tonk!  Dance the night away!

Cindy Miller, Bliss Designs








Last but not least the Dallas Cowboys!!!  You may hear us yelling at the TV when the play!!

Cindy Miller, Bliss Designs











Don’t Mess with Texas!  Y’all…

Bliss Designs, decorating









Living Happily Ever,


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