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I have decided to give you a glance at a few of my future blogging posts I have planned.  I have so many ideas, do so many things with my family, I feel like I could fill up a year with things to do.  Here’s a few…

This is an leather Ottoman that we have had for quite some time.  As you can see there have been many a stinky feet propped up on this baby.  I will make it slightly better by recovering it.

Bliss Designs

I will show you how we built this amazing patio.  Our whole family worked on this.  It’s one of our favorite things about our home now.

Bliss Designs

These are the outside light fixtures on my home.  I hear you thinking, man those are really ugly!   I have wanted new ones, but I realized I could fix these up good a new. So I did…

Bliss Designs

I recovered these red cushion because the sun faded them so bad.  What a job.  And yes, I’m quite the seamstress!

Bliss Designs, Cindy Miller

Painting these wrought iron planters was a easy fix.  A can a spray paint can solve the problems of the world in 1.2 minutes!Bliss Designs

My husband, Yoga Man as we call him, decides he can DIY a dead tree.  Turned out pretty good and will later become something to amaze you!

Bliss Designs

Bliss Designs

Here’s a video of him scarring us to death!

Cutting down trees

This spring I decided I needed to do something with these… I’m working on it..

Bliss Designs, Cindy Miller, DIY, Blogging

My front door needed a major face lift.  Picking the new color was really easy.  This is before…  You’ll have to come back to see how it turns out!

Bliss Designs

Ok I’ll give you a hint.  This is during, after comes later.

Bliss Designs, Cindy Miller

Remember the cutting down of the dead trees.  We’ll I was thinking one day and had an idea.  You’ll have to come back for this one also.

 It’s going to be awesome!!!!

Cindy Miller, Bliss Designs, blogging

This is our patio furniture that we both worked on together.  A new Pagoda Umbrella is ordered at Pier 1.  Also, we have new slings ordered and are waiting patiently for them… “WHERE IS THAT FEDEX GUY!!!”   All caps mean I yelling..

Bliss Designs

I’m really enjoying my inner Martha side of me.  I look at everything differently now.  Not how I can replace something with a “new one.”  Now I think how I can take something old and try to make it look better or make it into something useful.  My hubby really helps me out when I need a hand with doing the dangerous stuff like, running a chain saw, reaching something taller than 5’2″, and he keep me from getting electrocuted to death.

 Thanks honey!

SO..go dig thru your garage and find an old “something” and make it new!  Comment on this post and let me know what your working on.

Living Happily Ever After,






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