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Over the last week I have been thinking about what I would say to myself  today.  Well today is my oldest daughter’s Birthday, she turns 27.  Wow I can’t believe she is already 27 which makes me …..????? Oh well we won’t go into that.  My daughter was born in Waco, Texas.  Do you remember the show Knots Landing, well I was watching it 27 years ago, my favorite show trying to relax because the very next morning I was going to be induced into labor, or be pregnant forever!  So..I stand up from the bed and guess what happens next?  Water breaks and I start freaking out and can’t remember what I’m suppose to do, like I never attended a child birthing class or something.  Weird when that happens and your mind goes completely blank and you forget Everything!

Off to the hospital we go and 4 hours later I’m holding little @Cassie Elizabeth, 7 lbs  and beautiful.  She’s all grown up now with 2 children of her own, my beautiful grandchildren, which does not make me old just makes me “Gamie”.

I also have two other daughters and a son which have very entertaining stories of their arrivals that I will share with myself later in the year on their birthdays!











All my daughters, my grandson & granddaughter










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