#LiveLokai, Find Your Balance

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We discovered the most amazing bracelet and want to share it with all of you.  Lokai is a simple bracelet but shares a very large meaning.  Loki is sold in 88 countries and over 300 boutiques in the US.

Living on the Bliss is one of those boutiques!!!   Call us and we can ship you your very own Lokai !!  #LiveLokai   910-246-1800

#Live Lokai, Find Your Balance!





Founder Steven Izen found himself in a moment of sadness, his grandfather had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The black bead of the lokai bracelet holds mud from the Dead Sea to represent his lowest moment.

Sometimes you’ve hit a low,

Stay Hopeful.


Sometimes you’re on top of the world,
Stay Humble.

He was struck by a feeling of immense gratitude for where he was in my life. The white bead of the lokai bracelet carries water from Mount Everest to represent this moment, when he felt like he was on top of the world.



Find Your Balance

Steven Izen brought these two key elements together because life is full of cycles. The rest of the beads are clear, because we all have our own story of balance to tell.


lokai’s Everest Expedition: Going to the Source

Watch the incredible team of lokai sherpas as they trek up Mt. Everest to collect water from the highest place on Earth for lokai’s white bead.


Read this article in the Huffington Post about Steven Izen and his journey to start this amazing inspirational bracelet.

Steven Izen, Founder

Steven Izen, Founder

When you purchase a lokai, 10 PERCENT of net profits will be dedicated to giving back to the community through a variety of charitable alliances.

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