My New Blogging Life, To Me!

January 17, 2012 by  
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It’s January, 2012 and I’m trying to convince myself that I can express in my blog what’s in my brain.  Oh that’s what wrong.  No, really, I want to be expressive I just don’t know how to get my fingers to do the talking.  So my 2012 accomplishment is to become a blogger.  I love, adore, get enjoyment, and smile when I read blogs that are full of great ideas and inspiration.  I meet a very inspiring writer/blogger at a luncheon last week and we discussed my inability to get the words out of my brain and the fear that no one would want to know what I have to say.  Her very amazing yet simple advice is all I’ve heard myself repeat over the last week “write for you” she says. I have taken this advice and my blog will be filled with words that I want to hear myself, say to myself.  Here goes…

1. Be Happy in 2012

This will be my first day to express myself to myself and whoever is listening please join in.

This is Me!

My Motto

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