On My Way Out of Town, to the International Builder Show

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Crazy things happened, “On My Way Out of Town.”

I planned a trip to meet my husband, “Yoga Man”, at the International Builder Show in Orlando, Florida. His company Nationwide Custom Homes, Martinsville, VA is showing 3 homes in the International Builder Show 2012.

We have three kids living at home who all have to be rearranged for me to be “absent”.   “Is that considered excused or unexcused absence?”   Anyway, you know what it’s like to replace yourself to be out of your home for a few days…All the thinking, planning, adjusting, & snack shopping.

I got all my “most important stuff” ready for me to go.  All my kids packed their “most important stuff” in their own cute little suitcases.

It’s always when you want to be somewhere that the unexpected happens.  While packing my son comes to me and says “Mom my new braces bracket came off”, so that means a trip in the morning to the Orthodontist,  I wasn’t planning “On My Way Out Of Town.”  The dog starts acting sick, I wasn’t planning that, “On My Way Out Of Town.”  One daughter over sleeps and the other daughter misses the bus! which I wasn’t planning “On My Way Out Of Town.”  Oh well, taking a deep breath,  we rallied together got the bracket fixed, rushed the kids to school, a bit late. dropped of the dog, and away I go to the airport.  Did I mention I NEVER fly without “Yoga Man” and I’m a bit nervous, running late, and I’m too short to reach the luggage compartment on the plane!  Where is my man when I need him?

I made it to Orlando, my husband was waiting in the airport for me so now I’m feeling all Zen and I’m ready for a few days of relaxing and finding great new products for my projects at the builders show.

My husbands company has set up three homes on the site of the builder show, here are a few pictures.

This is the Nationwide Custom Homes show house, it is amazing & beautiful.  Feels very family inside.  I loved the kitchen and the laundry room, but that’s where I spend the most of my time when I’m at home.  Enjoy the pictures.

Bliss Designs at the International Builder Show, Shopping the show for Interior Decor















Bliss Designs
















Bliss Designs, Interior Decorating















Interior Decorating, Bliss Designs





















Interior Decorating, Bliss Designs, Custom Draperies















Bliss Designs shopping for Interior Decorator Decor





















Interior Decorating, Window Treatments















Bliss Designs, Interior Decorating















Interior Decorating, Window Treatments















Bliss Designs, Tracy Hutson with Extreme Makeover Home Edition Show

















Here we are with a celebrity!!

Andy Miller, Cindy Miller

Tracy Hutson w/ Extreme Makeover Home Edition

“Notice in the background Paul DiMeo, Paulie from the Extreme Makeover Home Edition Show”

at the IceBar in Orlando, Fl

















For more information of this home and other homes from Nationwide Customer Homes visit… http://www.Nationwide-homes.com 



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