10 things I want for you…

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I want, I want, I want, really, totally, like really, seriously,…ugh.

I want for you all good things, no not Martha Stewart good things.  Things that make you HaPpY!  Put a SmIlE! on your face.  Think about it.  What do you want, what makes you really really happy and a random smile comes over your face and you go, “I smiling and I like it”, and you look all goofy!

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Here are a 10 things I want for you.

#1  Your child looking at you and saying something totally random and sweet, I Luv This!   Can be a grandchild, I have those too and their adorable.  My 3 year old granddaughters laugh and snort will crack you up.

#2  Good things to eat for your enjoyment.  Oh wow we can’t live without this pleasure.  Maybe I shouldn’t say “we” maybe I should say “I”.  Remember I’m a Foodie, loving to cook and eat 24/7, but always wearing my High Heels.

#3  You hair color to always stay the color it was when you were born.  Haha, do you think that one will happen, it could, it could!

#4  A fav pair of jeans.  It can be the pair that you sneak and put on when no ones around because there are holes in places there shouldn’t be holes,  and they can’t be worn in public.  They feel so good you can’t bear to throw them out because you know you would cry.  Don’t tell anyone, but I have a pair!

#5 Everything Apple makes, and I mean EVERYTHING!  (All caps means I’m yelling)

#6  A bottle of the best red wine Gary Vaynerchuk can dig out of his personal stash!  Invite me over for that one!  I’ll bring the cheese tray.   I’m a Wine lover also.

#7  A 52″ Flat Screen TV for your amazingly, wonderfully, relaxingly, (I made that word up), beautifully decorated haven of a master bedroom, with 2 cozy chairs that you and your handsome husband (partner) can sit in and drink you fav beverage, talk and solve the problems of the world.  My Fav place in the world!

#8  A lock on your bathroom door so your teenager doesn’t come in and take all your Q Tips and coets and use your flat Iron and take your lotion and get your make up and take your only comb, use all your conditioner and take you finger nail clippers….and you know what I mean right?  “She will remain nameless to protect the innocent”

#9  The cast of Blue Blood (Tom Seleck’s show) decides to run their season continuously forever and not take the summer off so you never have to watch reruns!  That would be the best ever.  He’s co cute!!

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#10  Sheer Bliss!  I have that, I want it for you!


Living Happily Ever After






Genie in a bottle…

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Life has always been a big mystery.  Not like a mystery novel, mysterious in that life never lets us know what’s ahead of us. Don’t we wish we had a crystal ball, a psychic, or a genie in a bottle giving us 3 wishes.  Raise your hand if you’ve said, “If I had 3 three wishes, my first wish would be…..”.


I have always been waiting and anticipating on something exciting.  Looking for a sign, a pinch, a vision in a dream, a knock at the door, (never would Publishing Clearing House ring my bell.)  Recently an exciting opportunity has fallen into our lives that we have been waiting for.  It’s a sign that life can’t get any better than this.  It’s a sign that we have worked hard for so long and now is our time. My husband “Yoga Man” as I call him, travels and has missed a large part of our children’s school programs, field trips, amazing report cards, dental appointments, sore throats, new shoes, graduation dress purchases, etc.   He has made a hugh sacrifice for us, giving up his evenings, working long hours, eating fast foods, going to Wal Mart to buy his own toothpaste!, poor guy, driving endless miles (in a Prius, yikes, I give him a hard time about that car). I love him, he’s my BFF.

We are about to start a brand new chapter in our lives and we are so excited.  If you can dream big, big things happen.  I’m dreaming big, so big that I can’t sleep at night.   I wake up, can’t go back to sleep because I’m anticipating wonderful things ahead.

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So…  with my 3 wishes I would share them with you since I won’t be needing them, as my wish has come true!


Living happily ever after,






Cooking In High Heels…

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Being a short girl, 5’2″ eyes of blue, in the kitchen has it’s challenges.  Reaching wine glasses from the kitchen cabinets can make one very stressed and thirsty, so usually it requires an extra drink or two.  I have found a solution, only by default, to my shorty situation…I always wear my “High Heels” when I am cooking or reaching for a wine glass..  Heck I wear High Heels all the time, I’m confessing here and now I’m a shoe freak.  Remember I’m “5”2″ eyes of blue”, I need all the vertical help I can get.

Us shorties have to stick together, this precious child has no idea what’s ahead of her.

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On top of being a shoe freak, I’m a very big “Foody” as they call us on Food Network, where all the women chefs are oh so perfect looking in the kitchen.  My husband, Yoga Man, loves to watch Giada De Laurentis, the “Sexy Italian Cook” he calls her.  I just love food, so cooking is a necessity and I enjoy the process.

I just recently found out that “Cooking in High Heels” is a real cook book!  I just thought everyone cooked in their shoes.  Why would you want to stand in your kitchen barefoot and step in all the little crumbs of food your handsome husband and precious sweet children spread all over the floor?

Cooking in my High Heels make me feel taller, smarter, sexier, and my food always taste better!  I always wondered why women in the movies and TV programs of long ago wore high heels. June Cleaver, the domestic goddess, back in the day when life was so sweet and simple, always had perfect hair, perfect pearls, dress starched, “High Heels” pumping and wooden spoon stirring.

Bliss Designs/blog/cooking









Here a few High Heels that you might find me wearing while I’m chopping & stirring.

No these are not my legs!!  For heaven sakes!

Bliss Designs/cooking/decorating










Bliss Designs/cooking/decorating






Bliss Designs











Bliss Designs/cooking/Blinds











You will not find me wearing these.  Ouch!

Bliss Designs/high heels







Thank you for reading my Blog, now go out and buy some new High Heels and a wooden spoon!


Forever in High Heels!



On My Way Out of Town, to the International Builder Show

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Crazy things happened, “On My Way Out of Town.”

I planned a trip to meet my husband, “Yoga Man”, at the International Builder Show in Orlando, Florida. His company Nationwide Custom Homes, Martinsville, VA is showing 3 homes in the International Builder Show 2012.

We have three kids living at home who all have to be rearranged for me to be “absent”.   “Is that considered excused or unexcused absence?”   Anyway, you know what it’s like to replace yourself to be out of your home for a few days…All the thinking, planning, adjusting, & snack shopping.

I got all my “most important stuff” ready for me to go.  All my kids packed their “most important stuff” in their own cute little suitcases.

It’s always when you want to be somewhere that the unexpected happens.  While packing my son comes to me and says “Mom my new braces bracket came off”, so that means a trip in the morning to the Orthodontist,  I wasn’t planning “On My Way Out Of Town.”  The dog starts acting sick, I wasn’t planning that, “On My Way Out Of Town.”  One daughter over sleeps and the other daughter misses the bus! which I wasn’t planning “On My Way Out Of Town.”  Oh well, taking a deep breath,  we rallied together got the bracket fixed, rushed the kids to school, a bit late. dropped of the dog, and away I go to the airport.  Did I mention I NEVER fly without “Yoga Man” and I’m a bit nervous, running late, and I’m too short to reach the luggage compartment on the plane!  Where is my man when I need him?

I made it to Orlando, my husband was waiting in the airport for me so now I’m feeling all Zen and I’m ready for a few days of relaxing and finding great new products for my projects at the builders show.

My husbands company has set up three homes on the site of the builder show, here are a few pictures.

This is the Nationwide Custom Homes show house, it is amazing & beautiful.  Feels very family inside.  I loved the kitchen and the laundry room, but that’s where I spend the most of my time when I’m at home.  Enjoy the pictures.

Bliss Designs at the International Builder Show, Shopping the show for Interior Decor















Bliss Designs
















Bliss Designs, Interior Decorating















Interior Decorating, Bliss Designs





















Interior Decorating, Bliss Designs, Custom Draperies















Bliss Designs shopping for Interior Decorator Decor





















Interior Decorating, Window Treatments















Bliss Designs, Interior Decorating















Interior Decorating, Window Treatments















Bliss Designs, Tracy Hutson with Extreme Makeover Home Edition Show

















Here we are with a celebrity!!

Andy Miller, Cindy Miller

Tracy Hutson w/ Extreme Makeover Home Edition

“Notice in the background Paul DiMeo, Paulie from the Extreme Makeover Home Edition Show”

at the IceBar in Orlando, Fl

















For more information of this home and other homes from Nationwide Customer Homes visit… http://www.Nationwide-homes.com 



“Are you ready for some FOOD!, I mean FOOTBALL!”

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Well, as everyone knows this Sunday is the Super Bowl XLVI.  I Love, Like Football.   I Love Football Food.  My husband, you remember him, “Yoga Man”.

I’ll share some of the yummy recipes we will eat on Super Bowl Sunday.  Warm up your copier,  you’ll want to print these out!

Bliss Designs, Cooking, Guacamole






But first, watch this video of these two crazy Guacamole singing guys to get your inspiration on, and get you started…


Bliss Designs, Cooking Guacamole

Guacamole Autentico






Bliss Designs, Cooking Spicy SliderPioneer Woman’s Spicy Whiskey BBQ Sliders







Bliss Designs, Cooking Hot WingsPioneer Woman’s  Hot Wings







Bliss Designs, Cooking Cheese DipVelveeta Cheese Dip








Enjoy these with a Corona or a glass of Vino!

I know we will!

Cindy & “Yoga Man”






Yoga, what’s that and am I really doing it?

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No this is not a photo of me doing the practice of Yoga!  Did I say YYOOGGAA!  Scary thought I know for me to be in yoga pants, in public, much less be stretching with my behind up in the air (well I never really got my behind in the air because it’s a really difficult pose).  I have always seen graceful women doing yoga and looking all zen and relaxed, they didn’t wobble & they didn’t sweat, but guess what, I did a lot of wobbling & sweating.

Let me start from the beginning.  My friend, who will remain nameless so she doesn’t take the blame for my very sore butt, I mean gluteus maximus muscles, suggested I take a Yoga class.  My husband, (Yoga Man) and I are at a dinner party and the nameless friend continues to convince us that we should take a yoga class with her the next day, Sunday.  “Ok we say, we will take the class.”  Can you believe my husband agreed to take a Yoga class, how many husbands take Yoga?  Raise your hand if you’ve taken a Yoga class with your man.

Sunday morning, we scramble around trying to find “Yoga Wear.”  We’re off to class…..  The instructor introduces herself and explains the description of the class and then makes the statement (I have blocked out 2HOURS for us.) and I begin to have an eye twitch!    Guess what was going through my mind, I can’t imagine what my husband was thinking, but I was thinking I was in a 30 minute class!   I wish I’d had a camera so I could share, with “Yoga Man’s” friends,  his balancing on his head with his legs and feet, oh well it’s just to hard to explain….    Anyway, so here we are looking so un-Yoga if that’s a word, but having a great time together.

Well we survived the Yoga class, barely.  The most enjoyable part was the end where we were given a very cold towel soaked in lavender and given a massage.  I am officially excited about taking next weeks Yoga class.  Can’t believe I just said that, but I heard myself say it.       I’M OFF TO BUY NEW YOGA PANTS!!

“Yoga Man”








I would just like to say a big thank you to “Yoga Man” for putting himself out there, trying something new, but mostly for loving me enough to experience something new together. XOXO

(I can’t believe this photo of us got into this post, haha)









It’s me again, to me…

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Over the last week I have been thinking about what I would say to myself  today.  Well today is my oldest daughter’s Birthday, she turns 27.  Wow I can’t believe she is already 27 which makes me …..????? Oh well we won’t go into that.  My daughter was born in Waco, Texas.  Do you remember the show Knots Landing, well I was watching it 27 years ago, my favorite show trying to relax because the very next morning I was going to be induced into labor, or be pregnant forever!  So..I stand up from the bed and guess what happens next?  Water breaks and I start freaking out and can’t remember what I’m suppose to do, like I never attended a child birthing class or something.  Weird when that happens and your mind goes completely blank and you forget Everything!

Off to the hospital we go and 4 hours later I’m holding little @Cassie Elizabeth, 7 lbs  and beautiful.  She’s all grown up now with 2 children of her own, my beautiful grandchildren, which does not make me old just makes me “Gamie”.

I also have two other daughters and a son which have very entertaining stories of their arrivals that I will share with myself later in the year on their birthdays!











All my daughters, my grandson & granddaughter










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