Somebody Pinch me, I’m at Haven Conference!

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Wow, my day began with a flight from Raleigh, NC to Atlanta, Ga for the Haven Conference.  I arrived here around 1:00 after a 4 mile hike through Atlanta airport to retrieve by bag.  Where is my hubby when I need him!  Anyway I’ve had a amazingly wonderful day relaxing, and meeting all my fav bloggers!   Classes begin in the morning so I need to go get some beauty sleep.

Living on the BlissI’m going to share a few photos from today.  More to come tomorrow.   This is the 100’s of gift bags filled with amazing products.

Living on the Bliss

Filled with all of this amazing freebies!Living on the Bliss

I got this Fab T-shirt!    I Instagramed this photo, isn’t it cool!

My room is very nice.

Great blogging area I set up.

Living on the Bliss

I received my new business cards & Bookmarks I’m giving away with my new blog name Living on the Bliss.  Nikki with NLGraphic Designs did them for me.  Check out her site here!

Living on the Bliss

There was a cocktail party tonight and I met so many of my fav bloggers.  Me & Mr. Goodwill Hunting, he’s from Charlotte, Nc.  Check out his Facebook page here.  Somebody please pinch me!

I also met this awesome group of bloggers.

Living on the Bliss

And me & Kerry with HouseTalkN, here’s her blog site.  You have to go visit she’s hilariously entertaining.

Living on the Bliss

 Well it’s been a long day and I’ve had fun.  More to come tomorrow!

Living on the Blissful Side of Life,


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