Yoga, what’s that and am I really doing it?

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No this is not a photo of me doing the practice of Yoga!  Did I say YYOOGGAA!  Scary thought I know for me to be in yoga pants, in public, much less be stretching with my behind up in the air (well I never really got my behind in the air because it’s a really difficult pose).  I have always seen graceful women doing yoga and looking all zen and relaxed, they didn’t wobble & they didn’t sweat, but guess what, I did a lot of wobbling & sweating.

Let me start from the beginning.  My friend, who will remain nameless so she doesn’t take the blame for my very sore butt, I mean gluteus maximus muscles, suggested I take a Yoga class.  My husband, (Yoga Man) and I are at a dinner party and the nameless friend continues to convince us that we should take a yoga class with her the next day, Sunday.  “Ok we say, we will take the class.”  Can you believe my husband agreed to take a Yoga class, how many husbands take Yoga?  Raise your hand if you’ve taken a Yoga class with your man.

Sunday morning, we scramble around trying to find “Yoga Wear.”  We’re off to class…..  The instructor introduces herself and explains the description of the class and then makes the statement (I have blocked out 2HOURS for us.) and I begin to have an eye twitch!    Guess what was going through my mind, I can’t imagine what my husband was thinking, but I was thinking I was in a 30 minute class!   I wish I’d had a camera so I could share, with “Yoga Man’s” friends,  his balancing on his head with his legs and feet, oh well it’s just to hard to explain….    Anyway, so here we are looking so un-Yoga if that’s a word, but having a great time together.

Well we survived the Yoga class, barely.  The most enjoyable part was the end where we were given a very cold towel soaked in lavender and given a massage.  I am officially excited about taking next weeks Yoga class.  Can’t believe I just said that, but I heard myself say it.       I’M OFF TO BUY NEW YOGA PANTS!!

“Yoga Man”








I would just like to say a big thank you to “Yoga Man” for putting himself out there, trying something new, but mostly for loving me enough to experience something new together. XOXO

(I can’t believe this photo of us got into this post, haha)









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